Hotel Sinestra trailer

When Ava wishes to get rid of her overprotective parents in Hotel Sinestra, next morning all grown-ups have miraculously disappeared. Ava and the other children have to go all out to find a solution to get their parents back.

Aanmodderfakker (How to avoid everything) trailer

The film features the thirty-two-year-old waster and eternal student Thijs, who leads a slovenly, relaxed life full of beer, chicks and the occasional shift at a tedious media megastore. When Thijs visits his sister's house to do some washing, instead of his usual encounter with her semi-perfect family, he meets Lisa, the baby-sitter: a mature sixteen-year-old with exorbitant ambitions. Without intending to, Lisa has a profound effect on Thijs, unveiling a deeply ingrained dissatisfaction with his own passive behaviour.

Aanmodderfakker had its world premiere during the Dutch Film Festival 2014. The film was nominated in six different categories: Best Music, Best Production-design, Best Actor, Best Screenplay, Best Director and Best Film. Eventually the film won three ‘Gouden Kalveren’ (the Dutch film awards) for Best Actor, Best Screenplay and Best Film.  It made Aanmodderfakker the big winner of the festival. 

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De ontmaagding van Eva van End (The deflowering of Eva van End) trailer

De ontmaagding van Eva van End is a tragicomedy about the Van End family who, after the arrival of an impossibly perfect German exchange student, can no longer imagine how they ever managed to live with their imperfect selves.

The film had its world premiere at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival in 2012. Ten Horn was chosen by Variety as one of 'Ten European directors to watch’, which set him and the film in the spotlight during the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. The film has been well received abroad and has been sold to 23 countries. It released theatrically in the United States and had a VOD and DVD-release as well.

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Ares trailer

Aiming to become part of Amsterdam's elite, an ambitious college student joins an exclusive society, unaware it's hiding a horrifying secret.

In collaboration with Giancarlo Sánchez, Michiel directed the first Dutch Netflix original.

Happiest man (at your funeral)

When Knight Hallfrød  is dumped by his girlfriend, he has to move back to his parents’ home. Together with his loyal squire, he starts the tortuous journey, during which he is tormented by his mistakes and demons. But the real struggle only begins when Herløv at last arrives in his kingdom. Time has not stood still...

Clip from Random Shit eps. The first will be the last

In this episode, made for Videoland as a part of the comical serie Random shit, knight Hallfrød (Henry van Loon) once again goes on an adventure. This time joined by his annoying older brother Gunder (Gijs Naber). Together the are on a quest to find a special jewel for the king's crown. 'Over the Black mountain, behind The prickly woods.' Hallfrød however has a hidden agenda...

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Beverman & Zn. (Van God Los/ Godforsaken)

For the love of long-takes. Each scene of this 50 minute stand alone-episode of the true crime serie Van God Los aka Godforsaken, is shot in one single take. Check out this one. With comedian-collueges Martin van Waardenberg and Henry van Loon in the role of father and son Beverman. Inspired on true events. 

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Teaser- De ontmaagding van Eva van End

Also take a look at the appealing teaser for The deflowering of Eva van End. The song 'My filthy entourage' is from musician Awkward i, who was responsible for the entire soundtrack of the film.  

Vingers (short film), montage sequence

When math teacher Bernd believes he sees a girl getting fingered by a boy in class, he gets totally confused about what happens sexually amongst the youth. Is there a world he didn’t know about for years? At the annual dance Bernd decides to dive in completely, without taking the possible consequences into account.

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Vingers, scene sequence

Vingers (Fingers) was nominated for Best short film during the Dutch film festival in 2013. The film was selected for several international film festivals including Palm Springs International Film Festival.

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Arie, intro

The aged Mr. Manders lives in a retirement home and sees his family rarely. The only creature he loves, is Arie, the canary. Then, the death of this bright yellow spot in his gray existence, creates new friendships and unexpected joy.

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Arie (short film), montage sequence

Take a look at this lovely sequence. Want to see the whole film? Mail for access. 

Eng Nr. 83 (Spooky No. 83), montage sequence

When Tim’s dog runs out of the house one evening and doesn’t come back, Tim is at his wit’s end. The search for Keesie eventually leads Tim to the local Chinese restaurant. Tim enters a strange and creepy world where it proves difficult for him to distinguish between fantasy and reality.

Eng, leader

VPRO and Pupkin film produced this scary childeren's serie for which Michiel directed and developed one episode. Michiel also directed the wicked openings-sequence, in colleboration with stop-motion animator Niels Hoebers.

Aanmodderfakker, montage sequence

It's a 'montage'! Want to see the whole film? Mail for access.  

Aanmodderfakker, scene sequence

Check out this sequence. Want to see the whole film? Mail for access.  

De ontmaagding van Eva van End, montage sequence

Another montage, towards the end of the film. When things are getting pretty hot. Want to see the whole film? Mail for access.  

Royal Club

Have a drink with a bite. Approved by your future self.

Praxis Welkom tuinfeest

Praxis Welkom tuinfeest ism De gebroeders Janssen bij Alfred & met Freddy.

Venco Chocodrop

C'est ce que pense le chef chocolatier francais.

Chicken Tonight

The Terry Stinger Show with special guests Jeroen and Marlous. "Jeroen likes Chicken Tonight without chicken!"

House burglary prevention (woninginbraak)

Snappy, familiar and hard to forget. KesselsKramer and Michiel create a fiery film with a simple, memorable message for the Dutch government’s yearly house burglary prevention campaign. Production company Halal.


Aaltje moet met haar tijd mee.

Bol.com Tiktok in orde

Splinternieuwe koffer!

Praxis winterklaar

Praxis winterklaar voor Alfred, met Freddy.

Hertog IJsmeesters

Michiel directed a lil’ opera with bravado for Alfred International. Now sing along!


Together with Kesselskramer and Since '88 Michiel developed a campaign to get people back into the cinemas.

Nederlands Film Festival commercial

'Het beste van eigen bodem'. Together with KesselsKramer and Halal, Michiel made the 2016 NFF campaign film. Witnessing the birth of the Golden Calf, the most prestigious film price in Dutch cinema, alongside an ensemble of the crème de la crème of Dutch actors. The team was on stand-by for 2 entire weeks seeing as the birth of a calf can never be planned, naturally.   

Ikea commercial

This Michel Gondry-isch commercial for Ikea was nominated for the ADCN Young Director's Award.  

Milkshakes funnelcakes

A Music video for Dutch band AWKWARD i. Just imagine yourself wandering down the shore and finding Silver Matthew. What a fun day lays ahead.  

Seymour Bits, Put it back down

A surreal trip into a realm of bizarre entities, with even some sexy bits in it. The delirious and psychedelic animated musicvideo was created for beatproducer Seymour Bits aka Bas Bron. In collaboration with Maarten J. Berkers aka Marblart.tv


Michiel graduated in 2007 from the HKU, the University of the arts Utrecht, where he studied animation. As a student he already focused on live-action, but his animation background stayed active, in his storytelling and use of form. After his successful debut movie De ontmaagding van Eva van End, with its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, the prestigious American film magazine Variety listed Ten Horn as one of 'Ten European directors to watch'.

Aanmodderfakker was nominated for Best Director and won the award for Best Film, Best Scenario and Best Actor at the NFF, (the Dutch filmfestival/ filmawards). Michiel is currently working on two feature films.

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